Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Depth & Perspective

While discussing a painting of mine with a friend who brought up this delicate topic of 'depth and perspective in art' ('delicate' when out having a beer); I was compelled to do a little research online. I ended up with something that had a mix of theatre, ancient Roman paintngs, optics and Classical Art!

The Skenographia Project: Investigating Roman Wall Paintings through Digital Visualisation

Skenographia was, in Greece and Rome, the art of scene painting used both in the theatre and in domestic and public buildings.

scenography (noun)
the dictionary says, it is:
1. the art of representing objects in accordance with the rules of perspective.
2. scene painting (used esp. with reference to ancient Greece).

More on Skenographia (from University of North Carolina Press - pages 7 to 12):

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